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October 08, 2019
Food was fresh and flavourful and so glad you put utensils, far too many times I am brought food with no fork and knife maddening. Great job

June 28, 2019
delicious food, speedy delivery, consistently excellent overall

June 26, 2019
Pay very close attention to your bill when at this restaurant, our bill indicated that $163.25 + $9.66 (taxes) = $197.40 which it doesn’t
We told the waiter and he casually said “Sorry” and walked away to get us a new bill with the proper math, this made us think that it is not the first time this happens. Im leaving the review on this page so the restaurant is aware and the problem is fixed. Thank you

March 21, 2019
food was hot and tasty and delivered in less time than anticipated

May 30, 2018
Never disappointed! Food is so good!

April 08, 2018
Ordered vegetarian but got noodles soaked in some kind of meat fat, smelled like dog food. The mushroom fried rice was just plain white rice, undercooked cheap mushrooms and peas. I'm not much of a cook but I think fried rice maybe should actually taste fried and not need heaps of salt so I could suffer through it's blandness. So now I'm 30 dollars poorer, still hungry, and with an upset stomach. Also definitely not vegetarian friendly, no idea why Google has it listed that way.

April 05, 2018
Great speed and service

March 25, 2018
Good food friendly delivery

February 27, 2018
Dry chow mein, barely any chicken, tasted like yesterday's leftovers. Didn't even try to eat the spring rolls they looked awful.

February 21, 2018
Always top notch! Thoroughly enjoyed our meal! Thank you!